Google Update: 4 September 2013

Sejak tanggal 4 September 2013 kemarin banyak sekali yang mengeluh perihal penurunan trafik yang cukup signifikan, antara 25% sampai 80%. Berikut beberapa komentar yang diambil dari berbagai situs:

Today Google traffic down 50-70%. Ours was an EMD which was hit late last year - 3 months ago we bite the bullet and 301'd the whole lot to a new domain name. Was almost back to its former rankings until about 2-3am GMT today. Now I can only see a few pages in the SERPS. We are an informational education .com site hosted in the UK.

Google Webmaster Help forums:

We've noticed this morning that the site's rankings dropped significantly (about 80%). I've checked the manual actions in WMT for a penalty, nothing, I've searched for a major Google Algo update...nothing. I have no idea what's going one, especially that this site is 7 years old, the traffic before this major drop was about between 20k and 30k daily visitors. We've done 0 link spamming and the only thing I found wrong so far is that some spam websites copied our content in full. We've did several DMCA reports on that but that shouldn't be the problem of this major drop. We have no clue what to do.

Sampai artikel ini dipublikasikan belum ada pemberitahuan dari Google berkaitan dengan update kali ini.